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Athletic Director

Athletic Director
PHS to add Softball and Baseball in 2017-18 Season

~After months of discussion by the board and school administrators it was decided to research and see if it would be feasible and practicle to add the sports. Not to mention if we wanted to add it next year, scheduling needed to be done by February of this year. Start-up and maintenance cost figures were comprised as well as a student participation survey. The survey was sent to current 8th-11th grade students.  Sixty-six students completed the survey.  12 girls and 11 boys said they wanted to play softball/baseball.  5 girls and 11 boys said they would participate in track while 4 girls and 12 boys said they would like to do both sports. 3 students said they would do golf.  That is a potential 16 girls and 23 boys interested in softball/baseball and 9 girls and 23 boys interested in track.

Our summer youth SB/BB programs were another gauge to use in the process.  Over the last five years or so the Pleasanton Ball Association has shown great success in not only winning a lot of games, but by the number of kids playing.  Often times averaging 100 kids playing summer ball.

Another factor was out of the 12 schools in the TRL, Pleasanton and Crest was the only schools without a softball and/or a baseball program.  Crest is wanting to add them in 2017-18 also.

The regular season for softball and baseball consists of 20 games.  With so many teams to play within our own league and game nights consisting of double-headers, travel will be kept at a minimum.  We would only be looking at around 5 road trips per season in regular season play.